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shower accessibilityAccessibuilt's home modifications improve the quality of life for baby booers, adults caring for aging parents and others for whom wheelchair accessibility or other types of disability access are important. With potential injuries from slips and falls, the bathroom is the most dangerous place in your house. That's especially true for the aging, special-needs children and other people with special needs. We take the anxiety out of moving around in your own bathroom by making your home user-friendly for all ages and abilities.

Broken hips, arms and other injuries from falls require costly medical care and sometimes force people to leave their homes. For the aging population, special-needs kids and others whose balance and strength may be compromised, replacing a tub with a shower eliminates the risk involved with stepping over the edge of a tub. If you've put grab bars on your tub, it's time to install a walk-in or roll-in shower.

As home accessibility experts, our custom and pre-built home modifications improve the lives of those who require special-needs support and of the many people who want to age in place, which refers to living safely and independently at home for as long as possible.

In addition to replacing tubs with roll-in and walk-in showers for people who use walkers and for wheelchair accessibility, we install shower seats, grab bars in showers and beside toilets and towel bars at different heights for easy access. Grab bars may be mounted on a wall or pole. Our roll-under sinks in bathrooms and kitchens help with disabled access. We also install wheelchair ramps, decks and interior and exterior handrails for extra support.

Our other home modifications that support aging in place are toilets with seats that rise to help you stand, widened doorways for wheelchairs, lever handles on doors instead of knobs, remodeled kitchens with countertops and floor and wall cabinets that accommodate wheelchairs, and stair lifts and wheelchair lifts. We can retrofit your kitchen with the latest in easy-to-use furnishings and appliances, including custom cabinets and sinks that raise and lower, and appliances with accessible controls.

Home accessibility remodeling involves a lot of choices by homeowners, and our guidance helps you make decisions. Based on a client's needs, we advise about the height and location of grab bars, towel bars and sinks; the height of mirrors; where to put the shower; whether to include a shower seat; and other considerations for kitchens and entrances.

"An accessible bathroom modification is a daunting project but Dan's expertise and high attention to detail as well as his team of artisans put us at ease throughout the project.  The end result is a beautifully integrated bath that can be used by all ages and abilities."
Diane Oskins
Arden, NC



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